Mark Zuckerberg will unite the 3 biggest social media into one platform

 illustration by: yahoo

CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has a project that will integrate Instagram services, 
Facebook and Whats apps to be connected with each other "We want users to feel close to anyone and be able to connect without any platform limitations.

the three services will continue to operate together with the mark with the team working hard to be able to connect and rearrange the three services which will all be connected properly and securely and for security itself we know that Facebook has leaked about the user's account and it becomes the hard slap for the Facebook asset mark dropped dramatically and mark arrived at the court table for the incident

mark will use "end-to-end" technology, where only 2 people send messages to one another so that no third party knows the contents of the conversation
the aim of him to make this project is to connect all people from various circles to be able to communicate comfortably and safely without being hindered by the different platforms this project is also expected to be able to encourage Facebook advertising to be better
He wants to compete with his rivals, Apple and Google, so he made this project

Mark hopes to be able to make Facebook grow and become the best platform that can make everyone connect
This project is expected to be completed in 2020. Now the Facebook team is working hard to recycle the three platforms so they can be connected properly and ready to be used without any problems later

my personal opinion :

This step is good for Facebook because economically it will produce something new and it can make Facebook quite developed later and I hope that the case of the leakage will not happen again in this upcoming project.
I admit that Millennial users now prefer Instagram and whats app with this plan. I think Mark will get the user back
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