773 million emails have been hacked whether your email is included? | 5 tips to protect your email from hacker or spammer

773 million emails have been hacked whether your email is included?
the first month in 2019 has just begun but there is bad news for e-mail users as many as 773 million e-mails and 21 million passwords have been circulating on the internet

 and in the cloud hosting mega thousands of 87 GB files stored in the Mega file can still be found in well-known hacker sites leaked about e-mails taken from 2000 databases and combos in 2015 also as many as 3 billion Yahoo accounts hacked

so if there is suspicious activity in your email, immediately change the password and activate two-factor authentication to protect your account

is there a way you can use to find out whether your email account is on a hacker database or your email account is safe?
you can try the service "have I been pwned"
this site can help you check your e-mail account whether it is safe or not enough to enter your e-mail in the last column can you see whether your account has been leaked or not

I will share tips so that your email is safe from hacking and spam attacks

1. Be careful when on the internet do not give your primary email address to websites whose security is unclear and doubt its popularity
2. always use two-factor authentication to add to the protection wall of your account
3. Don't give your e-mail to people you don't know, be careful of fraud on behalf of well-known companies
4. If there is an incoming email that looks suspicious and in the e-mail, there is a link please be careful
5. Always remember your e-mail password and the telephone number used when you first register if something happens to your account you can easily recover
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